As a pack member of Fido's Indoor Dog ParkTM, you can choose the access pass that's right for you. Daily, monthly, and annual passes are available to suit all types of schedules and budgets. Free wireless Internet access and retail shopping is available to all pack members. Additionally, all-in-one and grass park pass holders have access to the cafe and private/time-out rooms. 

Not sure which plan is right for you? Talk to one of Fido'sTM Park Rangers.  

Be sure to check out one of our awesome packages as well as our perks for monthly and annual passes!

Buy 10 daycare, full days and get 1 free ($35 savings!)

Buy 10 daycare, half days and get 1 free ($22 savings!)   

Buy 10 grass park passes and get 2 free (that's a $24 savings!)

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  Daily Price Month to Month Price Annual Pre-Paid Contract Price Includes
Visitor Passes
Grass Park Pass2 $12 $120 $1,2003 All day in/out access to grass areas, pet owner present
Water Park Pass $15 $150 $1,5003 All day in/out access to pool, wetsuits, pet life vest, pet owner present
All-in-One Pass $25 $250 $2,5003 All day in/out access to grass and pool areas, pet owner present
Hourly Daycare $6 None In/Out access to grass areas. ($6 per hour)
Daycare, Half Day1, 2 $22 None In-out access to grass areas. (5 hour time block = $4.40 per hour)
Daycare, Full Day1, 2 $35 $520 None In-out access to grass areas, 6:30am to 8pm. (14 hour day = $2.5 per hour)
Boarding Overnight1 $42 None All day in/out access to grass areas; 2 daily walks, no restriction on pick-up and drop off time. (24 hour time block = $1.75 per hour). Additonal 10% discount for a period of 10 days after 10 consecutive boarding days.
Water Park Pass2 (while Boarding & Daycare) $15

All day in/out access to pool, drying area and lockers; Fido'sTM employee present

Self Dog-Wash

Nails only



None Shampoo, towels, brushes, dryers, ear cleaning solution etc. provided

1 2nd and 3rd dog are 10% off for Boarding & 20% off for Daycare (half/full day, Grass Park and Water pass).
2 Packages are available for grass park and daycare; Grass Park buy 10 and get 2 free; Half/Full Daycare - buy 10 and get 1 free, Water Park (while boarding & daycare) buy 10, get one free

All Packages and passes expire after 3 months from the day of purchase

Prices and hours of operations are as of 10/01/2012 and are subject to change

Special Events: Reserve space for birthday parties, business meetings, 'meet-ups', pool parties, more! Call for prices.



Consulting: Are you considering opening your own dog park? Or do you need some help with your existing one? Fido'sTM can help you out. We are offering hourly or flat rate consulting services--just call Josephine at 503-477-9379 for more information!