Business in a Box (B.i.B.)

Starting November 1, we will be offering the best of Fido's; do-it-yourself kits for starting your own indoor dog park. Save yourself time, money, and stress by learning from our experience.

Small Standard Giant
Price $10,999 $14,999 $19,999
Section I: Services
Indoor Dog Park
Revenue & Forcecast Model
Park Design Program
Interior Turf Treatments
Hygiene Practices
K9 Grass Wholesale
Indoor Dog Swimming Pool
Revenue & Forcecast Model
Pool Design Program
Products & Purchase Information
Pool Maintenance
Boarding & Daycare
Boarding & Daycare Program
Feeding & Storage System
Pick Up & Drop Off Services
Dog Self-Wash Station
Design Program
Products & Purchase Information
Services Offered
Retail Program
Specialty Wholesaler Information
Product List & Descriptions
Exclusive Wholesale Discounts
Referral Program
Section II: Electronics Consultation
We will help identify the most appropriate hardware & software for your planned business and offer discounts from the vendors:
Electronic System
Management Software
Advanced Webcam System
Access Control
Website Template Authorization
Section III: Documentation
Customer Registration Forms
Boarding & Daycare Forms
Liability Agreements
Maintenance Forms
Incident Forms
Dress Code Form
Park Etiquette & Safety Tips
Section IV: Support
Consultation Services
Phone Support: 4 Hours
2 Hours
Consulting Discount: 15%
On-Site Visit-Location of Your Choice