My enduring inspiration to create Fido's Indoor Dog ParkTM began when I noticed that my normally energetic German Shepherd's enthusiasm had waned, she tired easily and had developed a persistent limp. Several veterinary visits and x-rays confirmed that Ally had torn one knee ligament completely, with a second ligament hanging on by a thread. This condition severely limited her mobility and caused her pain.

After reviewing treatment options, Dr. Scott Gustafson, our veterinary surgeon at VCA Raleigh Hills, recommended Ally have reconstructive surgery on her knee bones using a metal plate to support the loss of ligament stability. We proceeded, and after surgery, swimming, a non-weight bearing therapy, was prescribed. Since there were few affordable options for hydrotherapy in the Portland/Vancouver area, the idea of Fido’s Indoor Dog Park took form.

Today, Ally is fully recovered and she and her new little black lab pal, Taylor, and our 'pack' of Fido's friends regularly show us all how to romp, relax and rehabilitate -- all while having loads of fun!  I  hope you and your friends and family enjoy Fido’s Indoor Dog Park as much as our family!

 - Josephine Cetta, Owner/Founder of Fido's Indoor Dog ParkTM